New Latusbox Italtronic

Dear Customers, Vendors and Distributors,

We are pleased to present the new Latusbox system by Italtronic, the modular solution for DIN rail and panel applications.

Latusbox offers flexibility and customization thanks to a common motherboard and the possibility of connecting additional cards, functioning as a FIELD BUS structure.


Why would you choose Latusbox?

Modular components: easily combine components to fit your needs;

Two enclosures models: choose according to the width you need;

Aesthetic customization: digital printing on the semi-transparent front panel and laser on the enclosure.


Simple assembly

The enclosures connect easily to the motherboard thanks to the locking/unlocking levers, which also allow the fixing of additional cards in the unconnected position, the polarizers also ensure that they are placed in the correct position.


Find out more

Request a visit now from our salesmen, so you can touch and check our new product.

On our website you can find all the technical information necessary for the configuration, to request free samples and 3D drawings!

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Make your DIN rail mounting system unique with Italtronic Latusbox. Take advantage of this versatile solution today!


The Italtronic team



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