New Double Housing for EIB/KNX Connectors

New Double Housing for EIB/KNX Connectors   The New Italtronic Accessory joins the wide range of accessories dedicated to the Modulbox and eyebox family models, specifically designed for the world of home automation and complying with the EIB/KNX standard. The introduction of this new accessory reinforces our commitment to providing complete and integrated solutions for the control and automation of home systems. Its compatibility with the EIB/KNX standard allows seamless integration with existing devices, offering maximum flexibility in system design. The Italtronic Accessory has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of the home automation sector, offering advanced functionality and facilitating the installation of EIB/KNX connectors. Its intelligent design enables tidy cable management and secure connection, guaranteeing reliable and stable performance over time. Discover our wide range of EIB/KNX accessories' dedicated to the Modulbox and Eyebox family, and exploit the full potential of your electronic board. For more information on this new accessory and to explore our home automation solutions, visit our website or contact us directly: Kind regards, The Italtronic team.  


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