Since August 2021, date of our last price update, the producers of plastic raw materials have continued to increase their sales prices even on previously confirmed orders.

Thanks to our stocks, to the optimal management of productions and to our further economic effort, we have managed not to reverse the most recent increases on the market.

Today we are forced to align the prices and we report the following scheme:

for all your new purchase orders and also for the previously confirmed orders, with deliveries confirmed from 01/03/2022 an increase of + 4.2% will be applied on all product lines.

The variation will be EXCLUSIVELY for the plastic particulars while the quotations of the previously confirmed graphic and mechanical customizations will remain unchanged.

All orders where the use of colored plastic materials or different from our standards is required, will be evaluated individually in the coming weeks.

We thank you for your attention and we assure you our utmost commitment to continue punctually to honour your welcome orders.


Fabio Carraro

Chief Commercial Officer