Mould Modification

Dear Customers and Collaborators,

The modifications you find highlighted in red in the following link (Mould Modification), will allow to this enclosures product range to be compatible also with DIN rails which do not respect exactly the standard sizes.

These modifications affect only the 1M width size and not all the others (from 2M to 15M).

All the printed circuit boards (and therefore also the PCBAs) already developed/produced previously for the version before the modification, will continue to be compatible with the new version too.

For new projects or ongoing projects, we strongly recommend to follow the new dimensional indications present on the web for the creation of the vertical PCBs, so that with the new version of the enclosure + base and the new PCB, there can be compatibility with the following DIN bars:


The new expected delivery for the revised series 1M MODULBOX XTS/ XTS DD will be around middle of June for the type C version and end of June for the other two versions, A and B.

I am sure you can appreciate this update.

Thank for your kind attention.


Fabio Carraro

Chief Commercial Officer



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