Free double sampling for digital printing

Dear customer, distributor, agent,

a few weeks ago, we decided to send you 2 samples for approval, for all the new digital prints requested, with the minimum and maximum possible color characteristics.

This was made necessary because we found slight chromatic variations on different batches, mainly due to the slightly different characteristics of the supplies of inks used, although the ink storage parameters are respected and production continues to be carried out in the printing department with controlled temperature and humidity.

Furthermore, for production reasons, production with the same printer used in the previous batch cannot be guaranteed and this could also lead to slight color differences despite the use of printers from the same manufacturer and model.

Variations may be minimal between different batches, but we prefer to inform you of this possibility.

For printings already approved in the past, only in cases that we consider necessary, the samples will be sent to you as above.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Fabio Carraro

Chief Commercial Officer


Italtronic - Enclosures for Electronics